6 Reasons Why I Chose My Father’s World

A Look Inside: Why My Father’s World?

I’m going to start off by saying that choosing a core homeschool curriculum is NOT an easy task. In fact, you don’t even need a core really. As long as you follow the homeschooling laws set by your state, you can homeschool with pretty much anything. But, we thought it was essential that we find a way to bring our kids together in the classroom. So, we chose a core curriculum: My Father’s World.

First, let me make it clear that I have not been asked to write this post nor have I been compensated in any way either. I just wanted to share our thoughts with other families who may be considering My Father’s World.

In my search, I appreciated all of the reviews that I read about My Father’s World. They were a great help for weighing the pros and cons with some of the other great options available. We also looked at Sonlight, A Beka, and Heart of Dakota. However, I was most interested in the concept and presentation of My Father’s World. So, let me tell you why we chose it over the others.

Adventures in US History
Adventures in US History

6 Reasons Why We Chose My Father’s World

1. Biblical Worldview.

This supports the underlying foundation of our homeschool. We are raising WARRIORS for Jesus, so it just naturally makes sense to teach from a biblical point of view. MFW provides daily lessons about God, who He is, and how it relates to the student.

Since this is our first year with MFW, we’re starting with the Adventures in US History. In this set, the kids will be studying the names of Jesus and what they mean. It also includes memory verses and a new Discoverer’s Bible. This curriculum is rich in biblical truths and points to what we want most for our homeschool. We’re raising WARRIORS!

NIRV Discoverer's Bible
NIRV Discoverer’s Bible

2. Easy to Use with the Whole Family. 

This curriculum core has a set cycle for teaching the whole family. This starts when the oldest student hits 2nd or 3rd grade and enters into the Family Learning Cycle. During these years, they move through different times in History while siblings formally join in as they age up. So, each new 2nd grader picks up with the rest of the kids in whatever year they are studying. This makes it easy to teach all of the kids at one time. The lessons are also easily adapted for the younger students to enjoy history with the big kids too! For a better explanation, read what MFW has to say HERE.

We are starting with Adventures in US History
We are starting with Adventures in US History!

3. Freedom in Math/LA.

Another aspect of this program that I love is that I was able to continue using our LA program. As the students progress, MFW does not include Math, LA, and Foreign Language. I love the LA that we currently use from AOP Lifepac, and I wanted to continue using it while it fits our family. I also wanted to start our kids using MathUSee this year, so I was able to do that as well.

My Father’s World provides a rich foundation in History and Geography, Art, Music and Science while allowing students to progress at their own pace in Math and LA. We need that because Pedro is a fast learner. He breezes through math, so I wanted to have freedom in that part of our curriculum especially.

**MFW does recommend Math and LA curriculum and offers it to supplement. I just chose to stick with what we already use! So, if you want something all inclusive, you can get it from MFW.**

Pedro's 2nd Grade Essentials
Pedro’s 2nd Grade Essentials

4. Planning Made Easy!

Well, that’s self explanatory, right?! I LOVE this curriculum because it is already planned out and explained for me. AND because MFW knows that you will be using Math and LA alongside, it adds blocks for those into the schedule.

Everything in the set is accounted for in the teacher’s manual. There is also a list of required materials provided that you’ll need (like 3 ring binders) and how they will be used. PLAN AHEAD suggestions also alert you to later lessons that will require extra work (like putting together and alphabetizing the provided flash cards). The manual is already one of my favorite parts to teaching this year!

Example of Week 1
Example of Week 1 Schedule and Teaching Notes

5. Charlotte Mason Approach.

Our style of learning is quite a mix! Between my structured approach to teaching and learning and the now four different styles of learning, it’s been difficult to find a set approach to homeschool. However, I’ve found that the Charlotte Mason Approach fits our family to include all of our styles. I absolutely love the idea that kids learn more from daily life than textbooks. I also believe that play, imagination and creativity are a vital part of the learning process.

MFW follows the Charlotte Mason approach in that it allows for all of those necessary things. It is rich in literature and history and incorporates what they call the Book Basket (explained in #6). MFW also encourages us to interact with nature and history which we will do through family vacations (field trips) and nature walks. I am excited to share the learning process through this approach!

History and Literature
Just a sneak peak into History and Literature!

6. The Book Basket!

Most of my family and friends know that I am an avid reader! So, when I came across MFW I was impressed with the use of Literature throughout the curriculum. I believe they have done a great job choosing books to use as learning texts for this program.

But, what I love most is that MFW also introduces the concept of the Book Basket. The Book Basket is a collection of books that I will select from the library and provide for my kids to read and look at everyday. These book selections are designed to foster a love of learning and reading while also expanding on the topics we’re covering in school. The teacher’s manual provides an extensive list of great book suggestions for each week. So, all of the guesswork has been done for me! I LOVE any opportunity to visit the library or bookstore, so I’m thankful for this Book Basket idea!

Teacher's Manual
Did I say I LOVE this teacher’s manual?!

There are so many great options out there for curriculum, and the practice of homeschooling is starting to spread as more and more families decide to teach and learn at home. We are all super excited to start our journey with My Father’s World! Keep checking back to the blog too because I will also be posting periodically throughout the year to explain more about what works and doesn’t work in our home. I will also follow up at the end of the year with a final review of MFW in our first year!

Which curriculum have you found fits your family best? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment and let me know what works or didn’t work for you. Also, if you are a MFW family, add to this discussion with the reasons why YOU chose to use MFW! Happy New School Year!!



Monday Mission – Life and Death

When I first started writing this blog, I had all intentions of sharing my daily quiet time as a record of my thoughts. I had also hoped to share a bit of the gospel with others who may not have heard it before. But then my computer was packed, we moved, and I quickly realized that my life is full of a few other priorities that might make blogging through my quiet time a little difficult. Plus, I really liked the “quiet” of my quiet time, and trying to pray-study-write-type-retype-spell check-draw-enjoy myself just wasn’t working in this way. So, I’m going to keep my quiet time to myself on most days and just dedicate the best day of the week to sharing my thoughts on God’s Word. So begins my Monday Mission!

For a few months now, I have been following along with the Scripture Writing Plans created by Shannon over at Sweet Blessings. For a busy mom like me, they are a great premade list of verses that I can print and have on hand to use during my study time. To find out more about the purpose of studying God’s Word, click HERE. And for more information on what tools I use to study, click HERE.

Monday Mission

Philippians 1:21-24

Philippians 1:21-24

During my study this morning, my focus was not on the fact that Paul was in prison for preaching God’s name. He was content to use his experience to continue preaching and sharing the Gospel. In reading this passage, I was called to focus on his reflection during this time. In verse 21 Paul sums up his whole Christian life in one sentence, “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” That’s a bold statement coming from someone who is suffering in a prison cell. But it gives a great testimony to what our attitude should be like as Christians.

Thankful for Freedom!
Thankful for Freedom!

For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain!

What is the message for this blessed Monday Morning? Freedom.

For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21). Our daily lives should be spent IN Christ, living FOR Christ, and BECAUSE OF Christ! To live IS Christ because as a Christian I am FREE in Christ. I am free to live, I am free to love, I am free to share the news of my freedom with everyone around me. And that is what we are called to do. Like Paul, in any circumstance of life we are free to rejoice in Christ and should feel compelled to share that good news, that escape plan for breaking out of the prison the devil uses to keep up enslaved. Jesus provides the key and the path out of the darkness and into His Holy presence.

But that’s not all. Paul even goes further to say that “death is gain”. Death? What do we gain from death? The meaning here that I see is twofold. First, the most obvious meaning is that we will have victory in the coming days when we are glorified in Christ. That is such a great feeling to know that I’ve been accepted into the arms of God and will one day sit at his feet is awe of his glory! (See Mondays don’t have to be so bad!) But, I also see a second meaning here. Paul is also talking about our death to the flesh! When we are made new in Christ and washed in his blood our death is GAIN! We gain salvation and a newfound relationship with our Savior. We aren’t called to live our Christian lives in sadness, worry, or grief. We are called to break out of the prison that is flesh and experience new life with the Holy Spirit. (And I want to add here that no matter who you are or who you’ve been searching for, there is not now nor will there ever be a greater love story for you than that!)

Life and Death
Life and Death

I have to admit that reading through this passage this morning and then combing over it again now has changed my outlook for the week. While three of my sweet kids nap and two others play quietly together I can sit here with my mid afternoon cup of McCafe goodness and savor more than just a few sips of coffee. My God is where life really is. My God gives me more than I could ever need. My God is worth more than I could ever have. Today, on this Monday, I remember the importance of living out and sharing the good news as a mom and a wife. I remember the importance of this blog and what I wanted to share with my closest friends and anyone else who reads this! Freedom is found in Christ and –

Christ is life and death!

How are you feeling on this Monday?



3 Ways My Kids Grew Up, All In a Single Day!

Well, it has been a fun summer for our family! Traveling, being with family and friends, and finding our new place has been a real experience. They’ve shared many firsts as we’ve traveled and have been bonding through it all. I’m sure the kids will remember it for years to come.

Now that we’re settling into daily life, we decided to head out to the Back to School Bash in our neighborhood. It was great fun, and the kids got an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. And, it was on this day that they really surprised me with how much they’ve changed. They’ve grown so much as individuals, and I just can’t believe how quickly time is going by. In one day, I saw my kids grow up. It was one of those picture perfect moments that I’ll never forget.


Slow and Steady
Sissy on the swinging ladder!

Both Pedro and Sissy tried their hand at the swinging ladder. Pedro of course, in all his boyness, was rushing up the ladder as fast as he could. So, each time the ladder flipped, and he never made it to the top. Sissy really surprised me though. She took her time, kept her balance, and slowly made her way all the way to the top. In the past, when this sweet child was faced with a difficult task, she would whine that she couldn’t do it because she wasn’t “big like Pedro”. Then, she would give up altogether. Not this day. For the first time, I saw my little girl find herself. She found her determination, trusted her instincts, and accomplished something that her big brother could not! It was a bittersweet moment, and she was so proud!

Victory! (while Pedro is still trying :))

2.facing our fears

Pedro in the Dunk Tank!
Pedro in the Dunk Tank!

Now, for those of you who personally know our family, you will be surprised to see this picture! For the rest of you, let me just say that Pedro does NOT put his head under the water. He has always been afraid to get into the water where his head would be covered. So, I was a little unsure of this situation to begin with. And as our parenting style permits, I didn’t say anything to him to try to change his mind to prevent him from going under the water. He climbed into the tank by himself, and he waited for the result. It was a shock to him at first when he came up out the water. I was sure that he was crying and was prepared to comfort him when he got out. However, that did not happen. Not only did he come out raving about how cool it was, he got dunked seven more times after the first! It was such a shock to watch this kid overcome a fear that he’s had all his life. And he did it this day. I saw him, and I could not be more proud!

Pedro got dunked!
One of the many times Pedro was dunked! Sissy throwing the ball 🙂

3.Gaining independence

I’ve tried many times to shelter my kids a bit. I’m just going to be honest about that. It’s not because I’m overprotective or anything, I just have a servant’s heart. So, doing for my family is something that comes naturally for me, especially since we’ve been in the baby/toddler stage for a whole 7 years! But, as we’ve started to come out of that stage, I’ve noticed a change in my perspective. I won’t be a mom to littles for much longer, so I can feel myself easing into the next stage of life. With that comes the need for me to let out the reigns a bit.

This picture was taken after Pedro asked if he could buy some popcorn. Now, usually I would have said, “Hold on and I’ll go get some popcorn.” But, not this day. I don’t know why, but on this day, I said, “Ok.” So, Pedro headed over to buy popcorn on his own, without his mommy. Not only did he buy himself popcorn, but he also bought popcorn for Sissy and HeavyD as well. I watched in awe of how he presented himself and exchanged words with the attendants. They all waited patiently, and I really couldn’t believe that these were my kids.

Finding their Independence
Smart kids they are!

Where do i go from here?

It’s strange to see my kids grow up right before my eyes. Knowing who they were in the beginning and seeing who they are becoming just has my heart doing flips. I love being a mom but watching them makes me both happy and sad. I’m thrilled that I can see them doing everyday things on their own, but also sad knowing that I’m in transition. What will this mommy do if there are no more babies?

That’s a post for another day …